Monday, October 27, 2008

Linggo Ng Wika: A Nationalistic Celebration

This was a really exicitng occasion in our school that showcased our creativity, appreciation of Philippine culture, and interpretation of nationalism.

These were shown by means of decorating our classroom windows and doors with all things representing our province and about the Philippines. Our class was assigned to showcase Leyte, so we dug up some tips about it. We decorated our windows with a big jeepney showing the faces of Philippines heroes. To add a more Filipino touch, we put some banderitas. We also had a Santacruzan-esque event at the covered courty. We had an arc of our own, and we came up with a beautiful one. It was intricately wrapped with crepe paper with the name of our province on top. During the Salu-Salong Pinoy, I saw students buzzing around the campus carrying native foods to sell. Our food stand did well in terms of sales. After the delicious Pinoy lunch, we had the Samu't Saring Galing or mini-talent show. Some sang or played instruments.

I went home happy that day with a sense of nationalism and pride in me. This event shows that you can be patriotic and have loads of fun at the same time. I hope our school holds more events that would bring out the good in us and at the same time, make our celebration worthy by making it fun.

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